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“The inhabitant viewer sees only what is on a surface; the main, more important part of an «iceberg” is not clear to them. And as such a viewer in most cases sets the trends, the professional artist works often are not displayed; their love and beauty faith support them in life”.

Vladimir Emelyanovich Andreenkov is a Soviet and Russian painter, sculptor and  nonconformist illustrator of the second half of the XX century — the beginning of the XXI century, working in style of geometrical abstraction.

Vladimir Andreenkov was born on August 23, 1930 in the city of Chausy of the Mogilev region in the east of Belarus.

In 1944 he entered the Moscow Academic Art School

In 1958 he graduated from the Surikov Moscow art institute

In 1962 he entered the USSR Artist Union.

In 1968 he is accepted to the Combine of graphical arts of the Moscow Union of artists; Vladimir exhibits prints there: linocuts and lithographs.

In 1987, with Y. Zlotnikov, D. Prigov, B. Orlov, P. Malinovsky, he participates in the creation of “The first creative consolidation”.

The relative success comes to the artist during the years of the Iron Curtain fall and collapse of the USSR. After 1989 Andreenkov becomes an in-demand artist, he is invited to a set of exhibitions in Russia and abroad.

Audience and critics noted the musicality of his works: it is expressed both by the combinations of contrast, often sonorous, spectral pure colors, and the clarity of proportions, the pointed sharpness of borders between the color planes, and an expressive linear rhythm. Actually, it is difficult not to notice the direct sendings to the musical subjects in the names of his works: we see the numerous “Accords”, “Concerts”, “Variations”, “Fugues” (Red, Blue, Green), “Trios” (the Viola, the Violoncello, the Violin), “Rhythms” etc.

Museum collections:

  • State Tretyakov gallery, Moscow
  • State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg
  • Tula Museum of Fine Arts
  • Belgorod state art museum
  • Oryol museum of Fine Arts
  • Kemerovo regional museum of Fine Arts
  • Seaside state art gallery, Vladivostok
  • Mogilev art museum, Republic of Belarus
Andreenkov Vladimir