Associative Symbolism

Art night with Alexander Grechanik

Usually artists are not public people; their world is attracted by its mystery and energy. And, when an artist opens the door to his space, we plunge with curiosity …

During the meeting, you will get acquainted with Alexander Grechanik, having the opportunity to learn more about his inspiration, art, skills, life history and personal philosophy.

Alexander’s paintings can be attributed to “associative symbolism”. The artist works in his own manner according to his own rules that seem to be understood by himself only. His paintings are often compared with parables, with minimalist space and time; the image is almost canonical with restrained color. The works are made with a glazing technique presenting an augmented glow. This effect can be found in the works of the old masters. The technique, the composition accuracy, styling and particular philosophy, gives Alexander’s works an absolute individuality with a personal touch.

Moreover, Alexander will introduce you his autobiography “Climbing under the drawn line”, unfolding part of his life.

17th November 2016

Grechanik Alexandr

Alexander Grechanik

leads the evening

Grechanik Aleksandr