Vinnichenko Gallery

Art-project “NINE”

While doing painting, I understand that “finding myself in art” is a very interesting, fascinating way that lasts a lifetime.

Art project Vinnichenko Gallery “NINE” is created in support of young artists making their first steps in the world of creativity and the art community.

Be in the circle of like-minded people, to draw inspiration from everything that surrounds, to share thoughts, knowledge and feelings, to seek new facets of expression, creating their own picturesque language is important for every creative person.

Another facet of the project is charity. We find it necessary and important to participate in the health programs of charitable foundations, to help children who need rehabilitation and improvement of their psychological state. These children live “here and now.” And what can be done is to give them a piece of joy.

The future is born in the present!

Vinnichenko Nadezhda and the VG Team