“Music of Contrasts”

Exhibition of paintings of Nadezhda Vinnichenko

From 01 to 12 October 2016 in the State Memorial Museum of A.N. Scriabin will host a personal exhibition of paintings by Nadezhda Vinnichenko called “Music of contrasts”.

Works performed in abstract technology, reveal one of the facets of the artist’s work. A subtle sense of color, an amazing combination of clarity of form and feminine softness of lines distinguish a deeply individual style of the artist. “Music of contrasts” is an artistic composition, sensitive and emotionally reflecting the poetic perception of the world, merging in single associative images of music and color, light and shadow, passion and tenderness, complexity and simplicity. The world, as seen by his artist, is full of feeling, depth and special charm, which in many ways brings her closer to the eternal music of Alexander Nikolayevich Scriabin. Symbolism and the endless pursuit of freedom are the things that unite painting and music in their philosophical search for harmony and higher meaning.

Over five years of exhibition history, and more than ninety exhibitions, including personal exhibitions in Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Italy, Romania, Switzerland, Israel, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Portugal, Nadezhda Vinnichenko’s artworks found their viewers and admirers. The author’s paintings are presented in the collections of many museums; they are in private collections of Russia and Europe

Music of Contrasts