The Opening of Vinnichenko Gallery

The opening will be in September, 2016.

Paintings by George Dmitriev, Alexander Grechanik, Yury Popkov and young artist Elena Razumkova will be presented to your attention in the space of the Gallery. Each of presented artists is distinguished by its own style of painting, it’s creative and deep vision of the world.

Faithful to the traditions of the school of painting is represented in the exhibition with such different artists, will give the opportunity to see and experience the diversity of modern art today.

Paintings by George Dmitriev are permeated with light and air! Among contemporary Russian artists Georgy Dmitriev has no equal! No one but he can realize sea elements with the skill worthy of the Aivazovsky’s brush.

Dmitriev Georgij

The art works of Alexander Grechanik could compare with parables – canonical image, low-key color, glow color layer, a particular philosophy – all these details create the absolute individuality of his work.

Grechanik Aleksandr

Paintings of Yurij Popkov have the foundation of genre painting – the idea, the composition, the beautiful color the beginning and love of what is portrayed, the process of execution of scenic canvas – enable the emergence of dialogue with a painting and reflection with it.

Popkov Yurij

The art of Elena Razumkova drawn to the sensual side of life, her works subtly intertwined fragility and the transience of the captured moment with a rich, deep impression that permeates the entire picture.

Razumkova Elena