Yanushkevich Alexander

Painter and son of a painter – the beginning of a dynasty…

Despite had been raised surrounded by an artistic environment, Alexander was not interested in art but in geography atlas, exotic cultures and travel literature. Suddenly all changed, on the day of his eighteenth birthday, when he was presented with an album by Giorgio Morandi. Immediately he found his art talent and genre. His background instantly activated a remarkable aesthetic sensitivity and revealed the voice of personal destiny.

Yanushkevich’s paintings are static, with finely tuned compositions, behind which are the shadows of the great Zurbaran, Chardin, Cezanne… keeping the same essence with strict figures that glow through the magical mist.

The artist’s plastic imagination mixes the planes, warps the coordinates and blurs the boundaries, making gravity appear and disappear. The plane refuting itself pretends to be an unlimited color substance, where a hard surface can suddenly lose its firmness and a dizzying vagueness of the top and bottom position occurs…

Apprehension about the strangeness of our world invades the microcosm of the artist’s still live paintings, permeating every stage of his work with an opulent old-fashioned elegance.

Artistic biography:

Moscow Art College in memory of 1905

Member of the Association of Young Artists at the Moscow branch of the Union of Artists of the USSR

Member of the Union of Artists of the USSR

Member of the International Art Fund

Member of the Professional and Creative Union of Artists of Russia

Member of the Professional Union of Artists

The paintings are in the collections: Bordiga Gallery (Milan), Rosart Amorium Gallery (Lisbon) and private collections in Barcelona, Paris, Tel Aviv, Haifa, New York, San Francisco and Moscow.

Yanushkevich Alexander